Why Learn Digital Piano Ensemble-Orchestra?

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Digital Piano Ensemble-Orchestra

The Advantages of Learning Digital Piano Ensemble-Orchestra

Ensemble classes give students the opportunity to create and enjoy music with other students their age and playing ability.

They work together to create a piece that sounds just like an orchestra. This gives the students a memorable experience by discovering that they are part of a whole to make music come alive. They are also motivated to practise because they want to keep up with their peers in the group.

Our Piano Ensemble-Orchestra
  • We have fun making music as an ensemble. Piano-playing is no longer a lonely solo activity!
  • Orchestral skills, including playing in part, performing together, creativity are some of the many skills which will be taught. Traditionally, these are skills pianists don't have much chance to learn.
  • Plenty of opportunity to socialise and make good friends based on shared interests.
  • Families of the children who currently take part in our piano ensemble-orchestra tell us that this has really motivated their children to practise, in order to keep up with their peers.
  • We accept children who take piano lessons at our school as well as children who learn the piano elsewhere.
  • We expect all children in our orchestra to be taking piano lessons somewhere.

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