The following are some of our testimonials.

JA, Parent to 8 year old student
" My daughter has been with Charteris for more than 1 year and she has been enjoying playing piano. I think there must be special method the teacher is using. I love the music given from this school as well! "

JM, Parent to 10 & 11 year old students
" We are thrilled with how both Alicia and Freya are taking to their music lessons. They seem to be very inspired and are certainly putting time into practicing most days. Thank you for getting them off to such a good (re-)start. We will do our best to encourage them from this end. "

6 year old piano student
" I like the songs and they are really interesting and they are better than the other teacher's ones. I get stickers when I'm good at playing the piano. I like the stickers. Playing the piano is fun! "

A student's mum
" Thank you for all your hard work. It really paid off last night and all the performances were great. Some budding talent at the school that's for sure. "

LL, Adult student
" I didn't have the chance to learn the piano when I was younger. Now, as a discerning adult, I want to tell everyone - the music program here is so good I wish I had known about this earlier! Charteris, you're Melbourne's best kept secret! "

Parent of 6 year-old and 9 year-old kids
" Imparting a passion about music really shines through this program. It's so professional too. My children love the variety of music, instruments and music education. "

Kat, mum to IL (6 year old student)
" Our son was struggling with musical concepts & didn't look forward to attending piano lessons with his previous piano teacher. We later realised that it was that teacher's teaching methods that didn't work for him. We knew then that we had to look for another piano teacher. Since he became a student here, over a short period of time we noticed that his interests in music went beyond the piano & he enjoys his lessons. He is interested in what different kinds of musical pieces & instruments can do. He speaks about musical notes & hand techniques are all "fun"! "

Mum to 7 and 8 year olds
" Many thanks for all your hardwork preparing the children for the concert. A terrific night. "

AC, mum to 6 year old child
" We are glad we found your music school. At our son's previous music school, they said they had taught him how to read music notes. But we see that this is not true. Since coming to Charteris, he has truly flourished, he really loves playing piano now and guess what ... he can play completely new music pieces now ... all by himself! You have given him wings and I am so proud of his achievements. Thank you! "

RG, Adult student
" As an adult who has not had lessons for such a long time, I'm really just a beginner again. From the start, I felt very comfortable at class. Everybody is really encouraging and I feel as though I've made the right decision to take up music lessons again. Thank you Charteris Music School! "

Mum of 2 daughters: students C (9 years old) & G (7 years old)
" It's a great program where the kids can learn and enjoy music. C liked writing songs. G enjoyed playing the instruments. This program is a fun and engaging way to learn about music. "

AS, dad to 8 year old student
" You have been my older daughter's piano instructor for the past year. Your knowledge of music and ability to pass this knowledge to the young is simply amazing and you must be congratulated for it. "

" Every week, my friends and I have great fun learning and sometimes, relearning, all those well known songs from when we were young. It's so convenient - Charteris Music School even comes to us. So grateful that our retirement village does this for us. "

" The concert was fantastic, congratulations on a job well done and for all your effort. "

Parent of a 6 year old who attended our holiday program
" We would recommend the sing-and-play-music holiday program to others because it is good for children's development and it's fun. They enjoyed the program's activities and the company of other children. "

SL, Parent of a 7 and 9 year olds
" You are a great singing teacher who is dedicated to your students. Your enthusiasm and energy made learning to sing a fun and engaging endeavor for both my girls. You made them feel very comfortable from the beginning and you are very encouraging. They were both very excited to have been able to perform at the school concert and we appreciate the extra time and effort you gave to the group to help them get ready outside their normal singing lessons. It would not have happened smoothly without your commitment. My girls look forward to their singing each week. You are very personable and professional...and great with kids. "

Mum to EC (6 year old music enrichment student)
" This is a great introduction to music appreciation! Our daughter loved playing with the instruments. This is a great introduction to music with very supportive, friendly and encouraging staff. "

" The performances were great! Must be tricky to coordinate all these kids to play or sing together. Its hard enough to handle 1 at a time, let alone a whole group. I tip my hat to you. You are one amazing person! Keep up your many great works. "

9 year old student
" Singing lessons are fun, we loved doing the technical exercises as well as learning the songs. The best part was performing at the concert. We had a great time doing the rehearsals as well as performing live on stage. You're a great teacher and make singing easy! "

AP, mum to 5 year old student
" Thanks so much for organizing such a great show! The kids were amazing and all of the handwork and dedication you have put in definitely showed. "