Programs For Adults

The following are programs for adults.

Adult Piano Lessons

Adult Piano Class
  • Learned the piano a long time ago? Want to brush up on your piano skills?
  • Want to share music interest with your little ones who are learning an instrument? Jam with them? Play a duet or trio?
  • Want to play some pop songs? Learn those songs you love and wished you could play?

This group electronic-piano program is offered to adult beginners as well as those who learned the piano/keyboard years ago and would like to pick it up again. It enables the individual to play as a member of an ensemble in a fun relaxed environment. Program length is tailored to the students' needs.

Adult Singing and Playing Class

This group program is designed for adults who wish to play the electronic-piano and sing at the same time. It is a sociable class where individuals sing and play their favourite songs as part of an ensemble. Program length is tailored to the students' needs.

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